What changes to the Tax and Insurance Procedural Code of Bulgaria, when selling real estate, will come into force on May 3, 2024.


Fromу May 3, 2024, changes to the Tax and Insurance Procedural Code of Bulgaria will come into force. Written declarations (under Article 264) about the absence of unfulfilled obligations subject to enforcement, which citizens are required to submit when selling real estate, will be cancelled.

Verification will now be carried out by a notary, electronically or, in a limited number of cases, by a registration judge.

Notaries will receive remote access to the information systems of the National Revenue Agency.

According to the changes, notaries and registering judges will now be jointly and severally liable for the obligations of the parties to transactions.

An innovative solution to the electronic administrative procedure, namely, the replacement of outdated, written testimony of citizens, numbering
millions per year for efficient electronic verification and exchange of information in real time, increases the role and responsibility of the notary in real estate transactions.

And one more innovation concerning foreign sellers - when selling real estate, it will be necessary to have BULSTAT from both spouses, if the real estate was purchased during marriage, but only one of the spouses is registered in the notarial deed.