Immigration to Bulgaria

Bulgaria, as you know, is famous for its mild climate, beautiful nature and magnificent beaches with golden sands off the Black Sea. It is an ideal place for relaxation and permanent residence.

In 2007, Bulgaria was officially admitted to the European Union, and preparations are currently underway and negotiations are underway for Bulgaria's accession to the Schengen zone. The Bulgarian government is working on improving its legislative system so that it complies with all European standards.

It is now possible to apply for a residence permit and emigrate to Bulgaria in a fairly short time and without any special financial costs.
Moving or emigrating to Bulgaria offers great opportunities for running your own business in this country and for translating ideas for business.

Why is Bulgaria so attractive now?

A very important aspect for moving to this country is a clear tax system that does not exceed 10% on the income of individuals and legal entities, friendly locals.
It is easy enough to open and start a business here, because there is easy access to European markets. In addition, Bulgaria really has something to develop in various fields of activity. To create something new for the country and in the future it is easy to make a name or brand on your product.

Our company already had quite a lot of transactions for the sale of real estate and assistance in moving our customers. If initially people, buying property in Bulgaria, want to profitably invest and invest their capital, then in the future they already have a constant desire to stay and live in this country.

As we wrote above, this is primarily due to the opportunity to start your own business, buy decent housing on the beach at a very attractive price and send your children to study at universities of a European level. The main difference in European education is the focus on extracting practical results. Education at foreign universities takes place at a very high methodological level. When training, modern educational methods are used. Only erudite teachers and professors teach at European universities, their knowledge in the learning process will help to give students in an accessible form to master subjects not only in theory but also in practice. Manufacturing practice abroad is more important. Therefore, specialists who receive education and a diploma in European universities, including those who have received education in Bulgaria; always more in demand and highly paid. And this is due to the fact that they are strong theorists and excellent practitioners.

And of course, the undoubted advantage of living in Bulgaria is its magnificent nature, the beautiful Black Sea, mountains and clean fresh air! There is practically no winter in Bulgaria and it lasts only one - two months with the maximum possible temperature of -10-15 degrees.

Emigration to Bulgaria and further obtaining citizenship in this country brings a lot of only positive changes in life. This is a European country with strong legislation, where they are able to protect human rights, where a progressive economy allows them to provide the life of their citizens as comfortable and convenient as possible. Therefore, emigration to Bulgaria is becoming increasingly popular, and the facilitated visa regime for property owners offers a great prospect for those who want to relax in this country for a long time.