How to buy property in Bulgaria by the sea

Theoretically, anyone who wants to buy property in Bulgaria can independently, without the participation of a real estate company, search for an object, arrange inspections, negotiate with sellers about the price and possible discounts, and also go through a notarized purchase and sale transaction.

But is it really that simple in practice?

When buying a property in Bulgaria, you need to understand that the choice, inspection of the object you like and the sale price approved by the seller of the property are the smallest, sometimes even pleasant worries.
The legal procedure is the main part, which can carry additional difficulties.

To date, the Bulgarian real estate market by the sea offers for sale objects of secondary housing and new buildings.

The predominant percentage of sellers of second homes near the sea are foreign citizens, they have been the main buyers of real estate on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast since 2008.

Purchase of secondary housing by the sea with the participation of a foreign person in a transaction: in a transaction for the purchase and sale of a property in a resort area, as a rule, one of the parties, or both parties, are persons of foreign origin. Not always the Seller-foreigner can be present personally at the transaction. Based on the characteristics of the object, marital status, financial settlement, the presence of bank participation (in the event that the buyer draws up a bank mortgage on the acquired property), without the participation of lawyers and realtors (brokers), difficulties and risks may arise about which persons wishing to purchase real estate cannot take into account.
Although real estate activities in Bulgaria are not licensed, and the notary is responsible for the purity of the transaction to the buyer, the role of real estate companies is not the last, but let's even say that it is the first place.

Take the work of lawyers.
Lawyers and Notaries do not sell real estate, they do not know the features of the complexes, the state of the object, what kind of management company, whether the owners have debts for the support fee, current, water, even before the reservation of the object they do not communicate with either Sellers or Buyers. Their job is to prepare documents for the legal side of the sale and purchase transaction, all the documents required for this and information on the details of the transaction are provided by the real estate company.

Take the work of a real estate company:
1. Irregular working hours, inspections of objects can take place both on weekends and on holidays, taking into account the convenient time for clients.
2.Permanent contact with Sellers and Buyers of real estate.
3.Recommendations regarding objects. Given the extensive experience, knowledge and possession of information on almost all complexes located along the Black Sea coast, as well as various nuances identified in the process of work, which a simple layman simply may not know about.
4. Coordination with the Sellers of the current price, possible discounts and additional conditions for the buyer.
5. Coordination of monetary mutual settlements, taking into account the legislation of Bulgaria.
6. Checking documents for possible encumbrances. (Must be done by the company before putting the property up for sale).
7. Preparation of contracts that will secure the Buyer, as well as other documents required for the transaction.
8. Coordination of the transaction procedure - with the personal presence of the parties or remotely.
9. Collection of information about the marital status of the Seller, based on this, it is determined whether there will be any difficulties in passing the purchase and sale transaction. (When buying a second home)
10. Collecting information from management companies about possible debts - support fees, unpaid electricity and water bills and settling this issue. (When buying a second home)
11. The opportunity to take advantage of personal discounts when choosing real estate from a builder, which the real estate company has acquired over the years of cooperation and many sales.

Only the main points of the work of a real estate company are listed here, but even they make it clear that buying property in Bulgaria on your own is not such a simple matter, and most importantly, using the company's services, you will definitely buy property at a reasonable price, practice and reviews show that without the participation of experienced intermediaries, real estate is purchased much more expensive.

You can turn to the professional help of the company manager by filling out the feedback form on our website for the individual selection of a property in Bulgaria, perhaps it will be an apartment, a house with an independent plot or a villa in a complex. We, taking into account your wishes and our rich experience, will select the appropriate proposals for consideration.