Services from LiderBG

The LIDER BG company has been operating in the real estate market in Bulgaria since 2013. Provides services to sellers and buyers when buying and selling.

  •   Verification of documents
  •   Checking the relevance of the property
  •   Re-registration of property rights
  •   Professional video and photo shooting services for real estate

Document verification

You have found the right property in Bulgaria, looked at it or selected it remotely, you have already met or contacted the seller and are getting ready to buy. When…

Checking the relevance of the property

The LiderBG company provides all property buyers in Bulgaria with the service “Checking the relevance of the property”(The service is provided only in the area of the Black Sea coast).…

Professional video and photo shooting of real estate

Self-put up a property for sale, but nothing happens? We all know that first of all we buy with our eyes. Our company will make powerful advertising for you, so…

Re-registration of property rights

Real estate transactions, such as the sale and purchase of housing in Bulgaria, require considerable attention. When you are preparing documents for the sale of real estate in Bulgaria, you…