Sale of real estate in Bulgaria by the sea in record time.

The task of our company is to correctly evaluate your property with the possibility of a quick or urgent sale.

What is the difference between a quick sale and a urgent sale

The sale process will not be accelerated if you contact several agencies at once or place ads on dozens of sites offering to sell property in Bulgaria without intermediaries.

We work with citizens of Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Russia, Israel, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and others. There are a lot of people who want to buy secondary housing in Bulgaria by the sea for a good price, they are waiting for hot offers every day. As soon as a resale property suitable for their parameters appears, the discussion of the purchase immediately begins.

A quick sale implies an assessment of real estate at a real, current price, according to the market at the time of sale. Of course, you can make an analysis of prices on the real estate market in Bulgaria yourself, but there is one caveat, such an analysis can only be done on the basis of sold objects, and not in the databases of ads and advertisements. All objects advertised on the Internet are subject to price negotiation, and as a rule, the seller always overstates it a little, in the hope that it is his apartment or apartment that is the most attractive, because it was not in vain that he chose it, and the sale process drags on for months, and sometimes years. You need to sell quickly, within one or two months. Contact our specialists. They will help you decide on a price.

You can increase your chances and quickly sell an apartment, house, villa, land plot, commercial property by concluding an EXCLUSIVE AGREEMENT with a preemptive right to work on the sale of your property in Bulgaria with our company. We, given our extensive experience in the field of real estate sales, use all the necessary tools, actions and personal finances to achieve a quick result.

Urgent sale implies real estate valuation below the real market, but the price remains adequate, not infringing on the interests of the seller. Our experts will evaluate and tell you what the real price for an urgent sale is and what needs to be done for this.