Sell property

The form below allows property owners in Bulgaria to place an ad on the site in a convenient way to advertise an object for sale:

  • Indicate only relevant contact details, information about the object, pictures and videos.
  • If there are no actual pictures available, company provides photo and video services. (This service is provided only along the Black Sea coast.)
  • After receiving the information, the manager of the  company will contact you to clarify the missing information or other details about the object.
  • Your property will be advertised not only on the LiderBG platform, but also various other top advertising platforms in Bulgaria, Europe, Ukraine and Russia to increase the reach of potential property buyers in Bulgaria!
  • Transactions related to the purchase / sale of real estate in Bulgaria are carried out by a LiderBG lawyer or, at the request of the seller, his own lawyer can be represented.
  • For foreign sellers and citizens of Bulgaria living outside the country, we provide the opportunity to sell their property remotely, without going to Bulgaria! (Experience in working with remote sales transactions for more than 10 years).
  • On the page of our site you can find some reviews of real estate sellers in Bulgaria who used the services of LiderBG and did not regret their choice of an intermediary company!