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Reviews on the purchase / sale of real estate in Bulgaria

Read real reviews about buying / selling real estate in Bulgaria. Here sellers and buyers who sold or bought real estate with the help of the LeaderBG company share their information. In order not to be limited to reviews of only one company, you can also familiarize yourself with reviews of Bulgarian real estate and draw independent conclusions about its attractiveness on thematic sites, forums and blogs.

Bulgaria is famous for its unusually beautiful nature, amazing cuisine and rich cultural traditions. This Slavic country is always associated with holidays on the Black Sea, magnificent ski and balneological resorts. In recent years, the acquisition of real estate in Bulgaria has become one of the most popular investment areas among Russians,Ukrainians, Poles, immigrants from the former Soviet Union living in Israel, Germany, as well as local residents-Bulgarians. Some tend to become owners of real estate in Bulgaria solely in order to have their own housing for seasonal relaxation, however, judging by the reviews of real estate in Bulgaria, its acquisition entails many other benefits.

After Bulgaria joined the European Union in 2007, the country entered a qualitatively new round of development. Today, the real estate market in Bulgaria is one of the most promising and at the same time the cheapest in Europe. Other advantages of investing in Bulgarian property are:

  • favorable payment terms;
  • the possibility of obtaining income from the rental of real estate in the resort area;
  • loyal business conditions.
  1. Lyudmila, Vladimir, Kiev

    We are grateful to Elena Obruchkova and Nedyalka Boycheva for their patience, excellent, professional approach to the purchase of an apartment in Bulgaria. Due to the introduced quarantine and the closure of borders, the transaction was carried out remotely, i.e. transferred money to the specified account and the lawyer of the company Nedyalka Boycheva, by power of attorney on our behalf, issued the purchase / sale documents. Before that, we received online full information about what we were interested in (entrances to the house, the territory and the details of the apartment itself). By the time of our arrival in Bulgaria, the apartment was completed and we received the ownership documents. We recommend LIDER BG to everyone who wants to buy or sell real estate in Bulgaria. It's nice to deal with professionals. Thanks again and good luck to you, Elena and Nedyalka!

  2. Inna, Kiev

    A wonderful and cheap vacation in Bulgaria for 3 seasons made me think it would be nice to buy my own property here. For three years, I have already gotten a sense of the local geography, pros and cons of different cities. I decided that I wanted an apartment not for seasonal holidays but for permanent residence. I have a pension and in the future I intend to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria and to be here permanently. The price range was also determined in advance. With such initial data I turned to the company LderBG. Satisfied with the attentive attitude of the employees. Initially, several photo options were sent to my mail. They all looked good enough. After 2-3 weeks I was able to come to Bulgaria and look again. To my surprise, the photos were true. I made the choice very quickly, it took a year and I never regretted it. Thank you!

  3. Lydia, Dnepropetrovsk

    I admire the coordinated work of your company! They answered all my questions, warned of mistakes and thoughtless decisions ... They tell the truth - everything is known for comparison, I had something to compare. With the lider BG everything is clear and the prices are adequate. I'm glad I came to them.

  4. Oleg, Yekaterinburg

    Elena, Nedialka, Ailin! Thank you for your work! I was initially impressed by the company's website - you can find deals at a much lower price than other companies. After talking on Skype, we have already set a date for my arrival. The examinations were very intense. There were many decent deals. I was very pleased that I was not offered a property that was obviously not suitable for the price or location. And most importantly, the former owner made me a discount. The legal part of the sale and purchase transaction was fully accompanied by lawyer Nedyalka Boycheva. My involvement in this was minimal. I hope that our cooperation will not end here. For my part, I promise to recommend you to my friends and colleagues.

  5. Alexander Nikolaev, St. Petersburg

    With LiderBG, a year ago my brother sold an apartment in Bulgaria and spoke very well about them. Therefore, when I had to sell my apartment in Sunny Beach, I turned to this agency. The sale transaction itself took place without my presence - the company's employees acted on my behalf through a proxy. The payment came to my bank account on time. My wife sighed in relief - I had no doubt it would. Thank you!

  6. Dmitriy

    I think we were very lucky with the broker - we got into LiderBG. The team works very smoothly, as one mechanism. Everyone is a true specialist in their field. My mother is still fascinated with communicating with them. We bought an apartment in Varna, so we periodically call our favorite agency. We recently talked to friends - we actively advertised your company and Bulgaria. It's nice to talk about what we've experienced and appreciated.

  7. Anastasia, Kharkov

    Lider BG: Thanks for your professionalism and attention. You have considered all my wishes! I am not an expert on all the rules for concluding a buy-sell transaction and it would be very difficult for me to navigate in a foreign country. Your lawyer (Nidyalka Boycheva) patiently told me everything, again and again, until the procedure itself entered my head. Good luck in your work and personal sphere!

  8. Denis, Moscow

    Elena, Ailin, Nidalka! Thank you for your help in selling my apartment in Sunny Beach. I didn't even hope buyers could be found so quickly. Thank you for the release of all formalities. It was a pleasure working with you

  9. Natalya, Kazan

    At the beginning of the year, together with her husband, they chose an apartment in Sunny Beach. Second line from the sea. Children, of course, are delighted with the opportunity to swim in the true sea at any time. Thanks to the staff of LiderBG!

  10. Maria and Anton, Moscow

    We thank the LiderBG agents for their help in buying our two bedroom apartment in Nessebar. We come not only for the season. As soon as the free time comes, we immediately board the plane and after 3 hours we are back in Bulgaria. We value safety, comfort, climate here. And also that many Slavs. Without even knowing Bulgarian, we can communicate with the locals at the household level. And all because they really want to hear you. 100% satisfied with the apartment, the maintenance is cheap, at least by Moscow standards. And life itself - services, products - everything is much cheaper.

  11. Larisa, Balashikha

    It all started with the fact that friends talked about their purchase of a studio apartment in Sunny Beach. Just at us the large exhibition of the Bulgarian real estate was planned. After the exhibition, many offers were sent to me. But basically I was not happy with the price. For 2 days, all companies except LeaderBG offered their options, although I had the most pleasant impression after talking with Elena and Ailin. Therefore, after a couple of days I wrote to them myself. They offered few options, but all of them were suitable for the price. They apologized, because after the exhibition they had a lot of ardent clients.
    We traveled to objects with Elena. She already had an agreement with the developers and the owners, so there were no delays. I really liked the attitude of Elena - she did not impose anything against my will, but objectively told, including about the possible flaws of the apartments. So on the third day we made a contract, I made a deposit. Then urgently to the airport - by plane.
    I did not come to sign the notarial deed - I issued a power of attorney for the lawyer Neli Boycheva. I came to rest already with my friend in my apartment. And we really became friends with the LeaderBG employees. Often wrote and called them - to consult about taxes and all that. Now I am well versed in these issues myself.

  12. Michael, Moscow

    Bulgaria is my wife’s choice, not my own. Last spring, she came to Bulgaria for a week and looked at a bunch of objects and returned home to consult with me and make a final decision. Bulgaria has many advantages over Spain or, for example, Turkey. This is a wonderful air, the absence of a language barrier, much longer than summer in Moscow, reasonable prices. You should not think that in Bulgaria there is only budget housing - I personally saw a lot of elite options. And of course, proximity to Moscow.
    Our residential complex is small, located an hour from the airport in Burgas. Everything is thought out for a comfortable stay - sports grounds, a shop, a restaurant, a spa and, of course, a swimming pool where you can dive without leaving your home. Civilized solitude - that’s how I would describe my new acquisition in Bulgaria.
    We come to Bulgaria only in the summer months. The maintenance of the apartment is limited to a small tax. And all the efforts to maintain real estate in proper form and condition are assigned to the management company. We just leave them the keys and, again, a very small amount of money.

  13. Anton, Perm

    In 2011, we bought an apartment in Bulgaria, but soon realized that the studio was not enough for us. Thanks to the Leader of BG, we were able to very quickly realize our housing and select a spacious two-room apartment. Satisfied and happy!

  14. Katerina, Novosibirsk

    Together with the LiderBG, we chose an apartment in Sunny Beach - first we selected several proposals for photographs, and then came to see everything with our own eyes.
    In our case, the photos of the apartments were fully consistent with reality. I am pleased with my choice. Within walking distance from me is a wonderful beach with golden sand. There are many entertainments, both for youth and children, and for middle-aged people. We often visit the neighboring town of Nessebar - there are many good restaurants with national cuisine. Once they rented a car and went to Istanbul. So, in terms of geographical location and climatic conditions near Sunny Beach, things are as good as possible.
    In general, I must say that we were very lucky with the realtor - Ailin worked with us. Together with him we looked at a lot of objects, he spoke in detail about the process of processing the transaction. I did not come to the final signing of the contract - I issued a power of attorney for the lawyer Neli Boycheva. She did all further work herself. After a month and a half, all the formalities were completed.

  15. Denis

    Thank you for your patience and professionalism! The execution of the transaction was quick and clear. Within a month, he became the full owner of the apartment in Burgas. Honestly, before meeting you, I was afraid to buy property abroad. Success and prosperity!

  16. Natalia, Moscow-Hanover

    The last few years in connection with the work of her husband often have to go and even live in Berlin. Despite the active advertising, in this country there are many disadvantages, at least for me. I feel much more comfortable in a more understandable and accessible Bulgaria. Well, again, the language barrier - the nanny of my children does not speak English at all, and in Bulgaria it is much easier for Russian speakers to adapt.

    Thanks to the Leader BG agency, it was possible in a short time to acquire elite apartments by the Bulgarian standards in Pomorie. Now there is where to come to relax with the family.

  17. Dmitry, St. Petersburg

    Elena, Ailin Hello! You are very sociable and kind people. And most importantly, you immediately understood what I needed.
    I very much wanted an apartment in which I would not be ashamed to invite friends and relatives later. Spain and other expensive destinations dropped out very quickly due to the high cost. In Bulgaria, solid, luxury apartments are at least 3 times cheaper. My apartment is located in Nessebar. Very high quality construction. Marble and granite were used, expensive tiles in the kitchen, elegant wrought iron fences on the balcony. At the same time, the cost of maintaining the apartment is very low - cheaper than in St. Petersburg or Moscow, for example.

  18. Inna, Moscow

    Sea Apartment - now our family has it too! One bedroom apartment in the village of Ravda is no worse than the apartment in the popular Sunny Beach. Only 100 meters from the beach. The price of the apartment included furniture. Personally, I like that you can fly to Moscow in just a few hours. And Ravda is located 15 minutes from the airport. This is a big deal for us as I have two young children and a long trip would be very tiring. Fresh air, beautiful nature, good attitude to Russian speakers. Overall, we are pleased. Special thanks to lawyer Nedyalka Boycheva. We were very pleased to work with you, we felt that you were a true professional.

  19. Tatyana, Nikolay, Sergey, Moscow

    The closer to retirement, the more my husband and I wanted to move somewhere to the sea. In Moscow, we lack the sun and sunny mood. At first they looked closely at Croatia, Montenegro and even Albania. They stopped in Bulgaria because they considered it the most friendly and affordable. We started looking for an agent. We called up with different companies, as a result we got to Elena and her colleagues. Even before the trip, they decided that they were primarily interested in options in St. Vlas, then in Burgas and Ravda. We also looked at new housing, but in the end we liked the secondary. But this is just a super option! The former owners did the situation in the apartment “for themselves,” that is, for a comfortable life. We, literally, bought only a few of the furniture. While flying here a couple of times a year. Once we were in Bulgaria in the fall - sunny and warm. In Moscow at that time dullness and slush reigned. In the future, when we finally retire and move to Bulgaria, we will make redecorating, but for now everything suits us. In general, we do not wait for a pension and relocation. We plan to make a residence permit.

  20. Nastya, Bat Yam

    I want to express my deep gratitude to the entire team of the Leader BG agency! You are all very decent people and professionals! Thanks to you, we were able to quickly find and buy an apartment for my parents. They are very happy, are already preparing to move. I think that the local climate will benefit them - they deserve it. Thanks again, I wish you success, I will recommend Bulgaria and your company to everyone!

  21. Ivan, Edinburgh

    In my home country, a loan was suspended and I decided to sell the apartment in Bulgaria, of which I was generally very pleased. For the last 3 years, however, he has practically never appeared there. I was afraid I would spend a lot of time looking for a buyer. But thanks to LeaderBG, people were immediately found, I agreed to a small discount. Thank you, honestly, I didn't expect that kind of speed.

  22. Victor, Kiev

    Elena, thank you for such a warm welcome and sincere care! For such a short time we looked at a lot of objects, but I think we were able to choose the most optimal one. In general, I liked Bulgaria very much - the climate, people, and living standards. And most importantly - you have real peace.

  23. Natalya Vasilievna, Perm

    Elena, Aleen, Neli - Thank you !!! Today I received documents for now my studio apartment in Pomorie. I came to Bulgaria with my granddaughter on vacation for two years in a row - at the same time on reconnaissance. Now I have my own housing here, and it is much more convenient.

  24. Olga, St. Petersburg

    Hello Elena! I want to thank you, Aylin and the whole team for their help in selecting and buying an apartment in Sunny Beach. In the beginning, I was afraid to buy property remotely - you never know what. But I had absolutely no time to ride back and forth. So at the beginning of the season I arrived with my children in my own apartment. We arrived and were not disappointed - everything was as in the description and in the photographs. We are very glad that everything turned out so quickly and "on wheels" - that is, almost without my participation in all kinds of formalities.

  25. Anatoly, 43 years old, Moscow

    My son has been living in Bulgaria for 5 years. I myself was there back in Soviet times. I always liked this country and therefore my wife and I decided that the Bulgarian apartment would not be superfluous for us. As a result, thanks to Elena Obruchkova from Leader BG, we chose a comfortable apartment. I wanted comfort, safety and tranquility - this is what we got. Inside our residential complex, our own landscaped area with a playground, parking. The apartment is solid - it is designed for permanent residence, and not for vacationers who come in high season - to buy. The transaction was completed without any difficulties. We recommend it to everyone!

  26. Z

    I bought an apartment in Bulgaria and I am so pleased that words can not convey! It turned out to be a studio (little booth) with furniture, right on the shore, the first line. The complex has everything, including a children's and adult pool. With our money it turned out about 1,600,000 rubles. In addition, I agreed on an installment plan for a year without interest. ... I believe that while prices are not high, you need to have time to purchase housing there, and there is nothing to worry about in the content. It turns out 12 thousand rubles. per year along with the protection and cleaning of the pool.

  27. tryk

    In Bulgaria, Russians buy real estate more often than others. For example, I have a lot of Russian-speaking neighbors in the complex. There are many advantages: housing is cheaper, excellent location near the sea, a country within the European Union, food and utilities are inexpensive, real estate prices are stable, you can profitably rent out.

  28. Avgust

    With the acquisition of real estate in Bulgaria there are no problems. The choice in the market is colossal. The only “but”: how not to make a mistake when choosing and buy the right property. In this matter, no realtor will help you. It all depends entirely on you and your future plans.

  29. klamer

    On the issue of rights to acquire real estate by foreigners. Individuals have the right to purchase a house or apartment in Bulgaria, regardless of citizenship. The easiest way is with the purchase of apartments: the transaction is executed almost automatically. With houses within the city / village, there are usually no problems either. But with dachas and country houses the situation is more complicated, since they are usually sold along with the land, and foreigners (individuals) in Bulgaria are not legally entitled to acquire land. You have to either sell farmland, or change the status of the allotment.

  30. Agorohov

    If we talk about where it is better to buy real estate, then St. Vlas - the best of what I saw! On the one hand are green mountains, on the other - the sea is clearly visible, since the complexes are built on a slope. Everything is neat, a single architectural style is respected. As far as I can tell, the construction quality is good. There are fewer tourists than in neighboring resorts. The only drawback is the narrow and in some places very rocky beach. I think, in general, the resort is focused on the Russian public, so it's very comfortable to relax here.

  31. Lina

    Here is an amazing, just the same divine air! We bought an apartment in Nessebar with the help of "Leader BG" 4 months ago. Very very satisfied! We didn’t even think that you could choose and buy an apartment from the very first viewing tour! And now you live here, earn freelance, look at the amazing view from the windows and enjoy life!"t=7959.=10"&.=10"start=10

  32. guculka

    I hasten to share the joy: I have returned from Bulgaria the owner of a studio on the Sunny Beach! The place is quiet, and yet, not far from the coastline and entertainment venues. Leader BG staff met me and placed me in a hotel. By the way, by the way, paid quite cheaply. Then, for a few days, they drove me through the complexes, showed everything, got acquainted with the managers. The owner himself came after the transaction. Everything went well, with dignity, without unpleasant surprises. … I would have had another 50,000, would have bought the property in the complex under construction, so that I could pass it on to tourists! In the meantime, I'm just very happy that I got my own piece of sunny Bulgaria!

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