The procedure for remote transactions in Bulgaria has been practiced for a long time, since 2015 it has become standard, and since 2020 the percentage of remote transactions has increased dramatically. Most transactions for the purchase and sale of real estate by the sea are carried out remotely, it is in this area that the percentage of foreign owners is much higher than that of local citizens. Distance selling is convenient for both foreign sellers or citizens of the country living outside Bulgaria, and buyers. Our company has extensive experience, more than 10 years, in remote transactions, and has been most actively conducting them since 2015.


You have a property in Bulgaria, no matter what, it can be: an apartment in a residential building, an apartment in a complex, an independent house, a villa in a complex, a plot of land or a commercial property. You do not consider coming to the country for a sale-purchase transaction for any reason, and you want to sell remotely. Yes it is possible.


1.You leave a request on the company's website by filling out the FORM

2.After receiving the application, the manager of the company contacts you, clarifies the information, negotiates the terms and starts the procedure for selling the property.

3.We visit your property, take photos and videos. It is desirable that access to your object/s be at any time (here we do not mean night time or dark time of the day). The management company of the complex can provide access only on weekdays and only during business hours. But in most cases, the main inspections are carried out on weekends or holidays, or outside of business hours, as potential clients choose this, which is convenient for them. Free access increases the chances of finding a buyer faster.

4.At this stage, it is possible to draw up a cooperation agreement, which specifies all the conditions: price, remuneration, bank account to which the money from the purchase and sale transaction will be sent, additional individual items related to the features of the sale are also possible. When concluding a contract, you can also make a clause on the transfer of keys to the property / s with the provision of free access. But this is not necessary, perhaps you have an option when the keys are with friends, neighbors, etc., who can provide an inspection at any time.

5.We prepare an ad and launch an ad for an object. Advertising is carried out not only on the company's personal website, but also on many other resources where a potential buyer can come from. These are various European sites, Bulgarian sites, as well as advertising portals in Russia and Ukraine.

6.When a buyer is found, we notify the Seller of our readiness to accept a reservation/deposit. If the Cooperation Agreement has not been concluded earlier, then at this stage the agreement must be signed between the parties. Bulgarian legislation provides for the option of exchanging copies of contracts with signatures by e-mail.

7.After accepting the reservation, the preparation of documents begins. All debts on the part of the Seller must be paid off before the notary transaction, namely: taxes, support fees, electricity and water. On behalf of the Seller, who personally cannot pay the debts, we provide the service, without fail prescribing this clause in the cooperation agreement, the service is free. After payment, we provide receipts and withhold this amount from the sale amount that the Seller should receive.

8.All documents for the transaction are prepared by the company's lawyer. The seller provides copies of the documents required for the transaction. The set of documents is usually standard / Power of Attorney, Declaration, Copy of Passport, Copy of Notarial Deed /, but depending on the marital status, on the change in the status of the owner in the event of: death, divorce, marriage contract, additional documents may be needed, a list of which in preparation for the transaction provide a lawyer. You can find on our website in the section list of DOCUMENTS FOR THE SELLER with a package of documents required to complete the purchase and sale transaction.

9.The Power of Attorney is given to the Company's Lawyer as a Legal Entity. In the power of attorney, the Seller gives the Lawyer the right to conduct a sale and purchase transaction on his own behalf, receive the sale amount to a special attorney's bank account, confirm to the notary that the sale amount has been received in full, send the received sale amount to the Seller's bank account specified in the power of attorney. By the time of signing the power of attorney, the Seller must provide the details of the euro bank account, to which the Advocate transfers the sale amount. This bank account does not have to be opened in the country of residence, it can be a bank in any other country.

10.If the Seller has an open bank account in Bulgaria, the Buyer on the day of the transaction transfers money directly to the Seller's bank account, in this case the lawyer's bank account is not used, and in the Power of Attorney, only the Seller's account is registered to which the Buyer transfers money. In this case, the Lawyer, since he does not have access to the account, must receive from the Seller confirmation of receipt of the full sale amount and only after that confirm to the notary that the monetary settlements have been made.

11.Documents prepared by the company's lawyer are sent to the Seller by e-mail in WORD format. The seller signs the documents either at the local notary at the place of residence, or at the Bulgarian consulate, if there is one in the area.

12.All signed documents are sent by courier service to Bulgaria to the address of the Lawyer. Contacts, addresses, bank details you can view on the page of our website CONTACTS. Before sending, scans of documents are sent to our company's e-mail to check for signatures on all required documents.

13.After receiving the documents, the date of the transaction is set, the Seller receives a notification.

14.We conclude a purchase and sale transaction with a notary. The lawyer receives the full amount of the sale to a special lawyer's bank account and transfers this amount to the bank account of the Seller specified in the power of attorney. The bank transfer fee is paid by the Seller. The Seller can obtain information about the amount of the fee for the expected money transfer by contacting the bank where the account is opened directly.

15.The seller confirms to us that the sale amount has been received on his bank account.

16.The notarial deed received by the Lawyer after the registration of the purchase and sale transaction is transferred to the Seller: 1.By courier service, at the specified address, at the expense of the Seller; 2.To any person, whose data will be provided by the Seller, at the office of the Company's Lawyer.

17.In the event that the Seller's bank requires official confirmation of the basis for the received money to a bank account in the relevant official language of the country in which the bank is located, the Seller will need a licensed translation of the notarial deed from Bulgarian into the appropriate official language. We provide a licensed translation service, payment at the expense of the Seller. The translation is made before the transfer of the notarial deed to the Seller. If the notarial deed has already been transferred, the Seller independently applies to the licensed translation company.