The procedure for buying secondary real estate

1. The choice of real estate.

2. After choosing the object of purchase, a reservation amount (booking / deposit) in the amount of 2000 euros is paid - this amount is included in the price of the object. The amount of the reservation is paid, on the basis of an agreement on the reservation of the property, in cash or to the bank account of the company "LiderBG" or the bank account of the COMPANY'S ATTORNEY. The reservation agreement specifies the description and cost of the object, the amount of the reservation, the timing of the transfer of ownership by a notarial deed. The object of purchase is removed from sale and the price is fixed. The process of preparing documents for the transaction begins. The term for preparing documents depends on several factors, for example: if the Seller lives in Bulgaria - preparation of documents takes from 3 to 7 days, if the Seller lives in another country, outside of Bulgaria - preparation of documents takes from 7 days to 2 months.

3. At the request of the parties or if necessary, the parties may conclude a preliminary agreement. The preliminary sale and purchase agreement describes in detail the main conditions and parameters of the transaction: the location and full description of the object, the price, forms and terms of payment, the rights and obligations of the seller and the buyer, penalties on both sides for the fulfillment of obligations and various additional conditions under the agreements. A preliminary contract is concluded if the buyer takes a loan from a bank or the transaction requires a period of more than two months.

4. As a rule, when buying a second home, a preliminary contract is not concluded, only a reservation contract is sufficient.

5. The seller is obliged to prepare all relevant documents required for a notarial transaction.

6. A notarial act on the transfer of ownership rights is signed by a notary.

7. The remaining amount of the sale price, minus the reservation amount, the buyer transfers to the bank account of the seller or to the bank account of the ATTORNEY, as an authorized representative in the transaction. Cash settlement is made immediately after the signing of the notarial deed in front of a notary, but before the registration of the transaction and entering the Notarial deed into the property register of the Registration Agency.

8. After receiving the final amount of the transaction, the seller or his authorized representative confirms this fact to the notary.

9. The notary, after receiving confirmation of receipt of the full amount of the sale, completes the necessary steps to register the transaction and enter the Notarial deed into the property register of the Registration Agency, certify it with his signature and submit it to the district court.

10. The judge makes changes to the state register, a note is made in the notary act itself. Registration in the state register takes from 3 to 5 days.

11. The Buyer and the Seller, or their authorized representatives, receive their copies from the notary after their registration in the state register.