How to sell property in Bulgaria by the sea

The real price, which corresponds to the demand on the market at the moment, is one of the basic rules that the seller must adhere to when putting up his property (house, apartment, land, etc.) for sale.

We convey information about your property to a potential buyer not only through the company's website, but also advertise it on many top advertising sites in Bulgaria, Europe, Ukraine, Russia.

The real price is a quick sale. If the price of the object corresponds to the market, the sale will take place within 4 months.

You will definitely achieve a positive result and increase your chances by contacting the professional realtors of our company.

If you have made a decision and are ready to entrust us with the sale of your apartment or house in Bulgaria, fill out the FORM with information about the property or write to e-mail:, it will also be convenient to contact by phone, through the "Call" button located in the profile header, the call is free, via WhatsApp.

Upon receipt of the appeal, the company's employees will contact you to clarify questions regarding the conditions of sale and help in assessing the property.

When contacting the company, the most complete and up-to-date information is required: 1. description of the property; 2.Pictures, if any; 3. selling price; 4. contact details of the property owner; 5. contact details of the person who will provide access for inspections.

Since 2016, complexes such as FORT NOKS, CASCADAS, HARMONY SUITES, etc. do not provide access to the complex without a notarized power of attorney from the owner, therefore, we strongly recommend that you clarify these points with the management companies of your complexes before putting up real estate for sale.

12 steps required to sell property in BULGARIA:

1 - Contacting the company by phone, e-mail, feedback form from the site
2 - Providing information about the object
3 - Negotiate the terms of the sale
4 - Providing access to the facility for inspections
5 - Signing a cooperation agreement
6 - Inspection of the property by LiderBG employees
7 - Photo, video shooting
8 - Placement of the object on all advertising resources required for sale
9 - Reservation
10 - Preparing documents for the deal
11 - Notarization of the transaction
12 - Getting money from the sale