About the company

"Lider BG" is a Bulgarian company founded in 2013 in the city of Varna. The company's activity is the sale of real estate in Bulgaria by the sea. During my work practice, I have accumulated extensive experience working with private sellers and builders, both in legal and financial matters related to the purchase/sale of real estate.

The company has two offices: in Varna and Nessebar.
8230, Nessebar, Burgas region, Father Paisiy street 56
9000, Varna, Varna region, Varna municipality, Primorsky district, st. "Kesten" No. 14, office 1

Our work has two main directions:

1. Provide assistance to the owner (seller) to sell his property in Bulgaria by the sea.
2. Assist a potential buyer in choosing and purchasing real estate - an apartment, a house by the sea - that meets his wishes, requirements and, of course, budget.

Our services
1. Assisting property owners in Bulgaria in selling in record time. When working with Sellers, we focus on the complete collection of information about the property and reliably convey it to the Buyer. We advertise the property not only on the Lider BG company website, but also place advertisements on all top websites in Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine and European countries. All sales proceed quite quickly, objects are delayed for sale in extreme cases, for example: if the building does not have Act 16, high support in the complex and the most important factor is if the sale price is higher than the market price. The seller can always find information about the sales numbers in the “Sold Objects” section of our website.
2. When working with the buyer, individual work is carried out. The company "Lider BG" specializes in the sale of real estate in Bulgaria, and also provides additional individual services. We build our work taking into account your wishes and purpose of purchase. The professional work of the company's employees, who protect the interests of clients, as well as care for clients, leads to the fact that the search for long-awaited housing always leads to positive results and meets the expectations and requirements of the customer.
We provide our clients with reliable guarantees in the difficult task of choosing an object to purchase and registering it as their property.
Our company will offer you flexible prices, exclusive facilities, as well as free consultations on all legal, financial, domestic and life issues.

1. Initial remote consultation.
     If necessary, we will help you decide on the area and provide complete information about the objects, prices, features and the transaction process.

2.Individual selection of proposals.
    When working on an application, the constantly supplemented and updated database of real estate objects is taken into account, and the best options for purchase are selected.

3. Conducting the transaction. Legal verification and preparation of documents.
    Assistance in opening a bank account. Consultation on the issue of money transfer. Certification of documents. Registration of property rights. Registration of real estate with the tax authorities, Bulstat register.

4.Legal and financial services.

We offer our Clients various types of real estate, new and secondary housing, including hot offers at an attractive price.

Comprehensive service and professionalism. Every potential Buyer and every reliable Seller is important to us.

Making the process of buying/selling real estate in Bulgaria comfortable and cost-effective in terms of time and energy is our job, the most valuable reward for which is certainly the gratitude of our Clients.