Study trip

If you are seriously considering buying real estate for permanent residence or further recreation of your family, then the only correct decision is to come and get acquainted with the objects offered on the Internet - on the spot. But we want to note that today the number of buyers who are ready to buy real estate without leaving Bulgaria has increased. This is explained by the fact that very many know the country well, since they have been vacationing in Bulgaria for several years, have studied many resorts and know exactly what they want.

On the pages of our site, you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the objects of various types of real estate. Find the right ones for your budget, size, and location. If you have any questions, please contact our staff, they will help from the selected ones to leave only those options that are most suitable for your wishes. You have thought of everything and intend to come to view them on the spot. Let us know on what dates you plan to visit Bulgaria, we will schedule visits to the objects you like and will be ready to show them.

The work of our company is individual, we do not organize group visits to the country with fixed dates of arrival. We work only with clients who want to buy, with those who have already decided on the choice of the country and settled on Bulgaria.

We do not organize tickets, hotels, tourist trips. Acquaintance with the country and various entertainment events are also not included in the scope of our activities. We always recommend all potential clients to use the services of travel companies. No one will offer you the best conditions for flights, hotels and visas. Everyone should be an expert in their field! A real estate seller will not be able to offer good conditions for a travel package, just as a travel company will not be able to offer good conditions when buying a property.

We sell real estate that interests you! Why is she interesting? Because the prices for it are very attractive, and why the prices are attractive, because we do not organize anything for free.

Often people who contact our company have a question why other companies offer a free trip, free registration and many more, many, and everything is FREE. To this we will answer: - Everything has a price for us, even our personal time, which we value very much. Think about it, and who pays for everything free, of course you yourself.

The average duration of your visit to select a property should be 3 to 5 days. This period allows you to get acquainted in detail with all the proposals that match your criteria, make your choice, discuss all legal issues, make a reservation amount and sign a preliminary contract for the sale of real estate.

What is a "free ride"?

Many companies on the Internet advertise such a service. You can get more detailed information by contacting them. The options may be different, but the essence is the same. NOBODY will send you money for a visa and tickets to Bulgaria. Therefore, hereinafter, it makes sense to put the word "free" in bold quotation marks. Nevertheless, you will be promised a meeting, for which you will also have to pay initially.
Only trips and inspections of the objects offered for sale will be really free. All companies do this. We are not an exclusion.

Firms organizing the so-called "free" group trips have long and well calculated everything. You go according to a pre-planned program, it is no different from previous programs held a month or two ago with another group, it does not matter that construction is boiling around and there are more and more objects for sale every day, and the secondary market sometimes offers simply unthinkable options at a low price. Therefore, by agreeing to a “free” trip, you deliberately deprive yourself of a full-fledged choice and completely become dependent on the company that offered you this “service”. If you want to take some action yourself, they will popularly make you understand that you are violating the contract and lose the right to compensation, and in some cases must compensate for the "material damage of the company"
If all the terms of the contract on your part are met and you have entered into a preliminary contract of purchase and sale, the "Compensation" that you will receive will be from 200 to 400 euros, BUT ........ it is too early to rejoice, this compensation will be promised to you only after payment 50% of the purchase price, is it worth it?
We responsibly guarantee that any real Buyer can get a discount of 500 euros or more from the initial declared price, it all depends on which object you choose. Now you understand that a "free" trip is not difficult to organize, and even more so as a group trip is beneficial, all discounts in this case go to the organizers, not to the buyers. By purchasing real estate with such a company, you unknowingly bring them additional profit, and by buying what they offered you in a limited amount, depriving