Welcome to Varna !!!

The Republic of Bulgaria is very attractive for its many resorts - Balchik, Albena, Golden Sands, St. Constantine and Elena, Obzor, Elenite, St. Vlas, Sunny Beach, Nessebar and Old Nessebar, Ravda, Pomorie, Sozopol, Chernomorets and other southern regions. All of them are relatively small and, as a rule, most of them are provincial. Therefore, many tourists are more attracted by the purchase of real estate in the larger center of Bulgaria with an intensively developed infrastructure and all kinds of entertainment.

Varna is a popular tourist resort town in Bulgaria located in the northeastern part of the Black Sea coast. A city with a developed infrastructure and a rich cultural and entertainment life; an important financial center with a good investment opportunity. In the future, Varna claims to be the cultural capital of Bulgaria and Europe as well. Today, the overwhelming majority of tourists buying real estate in Varna come from Russia.

Buying real estate in Varna is for those who are indifferent to the provincial life, or the fact of living in the provinces does not seem prestigious, then it makes sense, namely, to pay attention to real estate in Varna. It is not only a popular Bulgarian city on the Black Sea coast, but also the center of business life, where many conditions are offered for running and developing your own business. Buying a property, house or apartment in Varna, you acquire status and position with the purchase. Housing prices in Varna are relatively low and not much higher than housing prices in other equally popular resorts. Housing here can be afforded by people even with a relatively low level of income.

In summer there are a lot of sunny days in Varna and the temperature warms up to + 27-30C. The swimming season begins at the end of May and lasts until October, as in most resorts on the coast.

For a beach holiday, ideal conditions have been selected here and everyone will find a variety of entertainment to their liking. Kindergartens and many playgrounds have been built for children. Pensioners and respectable people can combine quality rest with treatment. There are many different sports grounds for athletes.

Everyone who comes to Varna finds something new and interesting for himself. Someone is attracted by water attractions and discos, someone is attracted by the secluded corners of the coast, which are abundant in this area. Most importantly, this area has a lot of green vegetation.

By purchasing real estate in Varna, you are making a profitable investment. It is here that there is a high liquidity of residential and commercial properties and a good prospect of moving to a western state, a member of the European Union. The city is rapidly being built up and developing, within a few years the acquired real estate pays off.

If you have at your disposal 80-120 thousand, then it is quite possible to count on buying a comfortable, spacious house or apartment in an ecologically clean suburb.

In our database there are houses and apartments of various sizes and with different distances from the sea. The quality of construction meets all modern European standards, objects are delivered on time, most of them are sold at the construction stage.

Varna is also an important transport hub in Bulgaria. It is both the largest seaport and an international airport, which provide direct connections with Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other EU countries.

Public transport is also well developed. It is represented by a trolleybus fleet, and more than 60 shuttle buses, some of which run to the nearest resorts.

Varna is the third most populous city in Bulgaria. The city consists of a central part, adjacent quarters, northern, southern and western regions.

The central part is represented by a narrow strip along the sea. The Greek Quarter is one of the most prestigious areas in Varna, its disadvantage is the noise of cars and a lot of tourists. The main advantage is the proximity to the Sea Garden, a beautiful landscaped place and the unique charm of the old town.

The central district (city hall) offers residents many attractions, including the Trakia cinema, Red Square, a sports arena, a collective farm bar, all within walking distance. Accommodation in these areas is comparatively cheaper. This is a good combination of price and quality.

Quarters of Varna - Tsveten, Vozrazhdane, Vladislavovo, Troshevo, Levski, Mladost and Hristo Botev. They are located along the Varna Lake, in the north-western and western directions. The advantage of living here is that there are wide streets in the neighborhoods, there are parking lots in front of the houses.

The northern districts of Varna are Chaika and Breeze, located on the left side of the highway leading to KK St. Constantine and Elena and Golden Sands.

The southern regions - Asparuhovo and Galata, are located on the other side of the bay, behind the bridge. Asparuhovo - located closer to the bridge connecting the two shores of the Varna Bay, the distance to the center of Varna is 5 km. This is a fairly old quarter with Soviet buildings, but well-developed infrastructure.

The main quarters of Varna are also Vinitsa, Trakata and Evksinograd. Vinitsa is a large area with less developed infrastructure, you need to go to the sea by transport. Evksinovgrad and Dolna Traka are located along the road leading to the resort complex St. Constantine and Helena and Golden Sands. Due to their proximity to the sea, this is perhaps one of the most expensive areas in Varna.

By purchasing real estate in Varna, you can fully enjoy the joys of a resort vacation combined with the full infrastructure of the city. The following are always open for you: a dolphinarium with a Sea Garden, a zoo, an opera and drama theater, a planetarium, an observatory, many museums and archaeological sites, a unique nature reserve with wild and exotic animals.

Medical services here are of a particularly high quality.

These conditions make the city quite attractive not only for tourists, but also for those who want to correctly and profitably invest their savings and ensure a decent life in the EU Commonwealth country. Welcome to Varna!