The tourism industry expects a strong summer season in Bulgaria


“Everyone can choose. If someone wants to spend this summer at 2019 prices, they can.”

Rumen Draganov, director of the Institute for Analysis and Evaluation in Tourism, stated this in an interview with the BNR.

“We offer a huge number of places on the Black Sea, and if you go to the search engines, you will see both prices close to the prices of 2019 and higher. The market can accept a certain price load, but tour operators are always striving for more. low price and local marketing - lead to more turnover, not the price itself, which can also be repulsive."

Prices remain at last year's level. Two sun loungers with an umbrella on the beach will not exceed 30 levs, Draganov assured.

The tourism industry is expecting a strong summer season. So far, an increase of 14-17% is planned compared to the pre-pandemic 2019.

Early booking is the best solution, Rumen Draganov recommends.

“When there is an early booking, you choose the best - like the location, like the view. The first line comes with a very high level of sales.”

In Turkey, prices are slightly higher this year, Rumen Draganov said.

The local market is usually the strongest. In Germany, for example, Germans cannot go outside any more than they would travel within Germany itself. In Bulgaria, we carry out more than 21 million trips of Bulgarians to their homeland, for comparison, about 7 million trips of our compatriots are made abroad, he explained.

"Bulgarians have turned villages into villas. They have turned the homes of grandparents, mothers and fathers into villas. They have moved their business there. They have narrowed the highway. And in terms of trips abroad, the planes are full," Draganov commented.

He is adamant that there has been a post-pandemic global travel boom and technology is driving that big move.