30 000 patients served by ambulance teams at seaside resorts


Arrogance, lack of self-preservation instinct, and neglect of preventive measures underlie a large number of emergency situations in the past summer season. This is evidenced by statistics from the Bulgarian Paramedics Union, summarized by the impressions of members of ambulance teams at resorts.

The shortage of teams on the coast is becoming increasingly serious, and despite the cutting of the ribbon at a new emergency rescue center in the Primorsko-Burgas region, it has not become operational due to a lack of staff.

Among incidents at country resorts, drownings rank high. For most of them, the reason is non-compliance with requirements and disputes with rescuers, going to sea after drinking alcohol, as well as at night. A common reason for going to the emergency room is neglecting the prevention of chronic diseases.

Alcohol and drug abuse also takes up the time of ambulance crews,” explained Iva Pehlivanska, President of the Bulgarian Paramedics Union.

The total number of patients served by ambulance teams in the sea areas of Varna and Burgas exceeded 30 thousand over the three summer months. About 200 complaints are filed per day in each of the two sea areas, BNR reports. The situation with the shortage of doctors is becoming more and more critical - in Burgas alone, 38 vacancies are currently announced, although the salary of a doctor ranges from 2300 to 2800 levs, there are no applicants. “Unfortunately, it will not get better, it will get worse, and we seriously insist that the procedure for appointing paramedics in the system should be accelerated,” says Iva Pehlivanska, president of the Bulgarian Paramedics Union.

During the summer season in the Burgas region, the newly opened Emergency Care Center in Primorsko did not work due to lack of staff.

“It is a crime to not use the skills and knowledge of people who know and can provide first aid, wasting patients’ precious time and losing lives,” the Paramedics Union said. They insist that their main demands be met as quickly as possible - the unification of educational criteria, regulation of the profession and the introduction of paramedics into emergency services. According to the vice-president of the Union of Paramedics of Bulgaria, Nevena Kostova, the best solution would be to form teams of two paramedics, one of whom must have the highest - fourth degree qualification. They can help each other both in transporting and carrying the patient, and in providing quick first aid.

The Bulgarian Paramedics Union is holding meetings with the leadership of the country's Central Emergency Hospital so that ambulance teams can be reinforced with paramedics. If in Sofia, Plovdiv, Pazardzhik, Varna they are ready to be included in ambulances with suitable job descriptions, then in a number of other areas this does not happen.

At the same time, there are more than 500 vacancies in ambulance services throughout the country, the Union of Paramedics of Bulgaria also notes.

Source: Moreto.net