Taxes for re-registration of real estate in Bulgaria.

Taxes for re-registration of real estate in Bulgaria.

All taxes due for re-registration of real estate in Bulgaria are paid at the notary on the day of signing the notarial deed, in cash and in Bulgarian currency.

Taxes for re-registration of real estate in Bulgaria include:
State duty - 0.1%
Local tax (depending on location 2.5 - 3.5%)
The fee of a lawyer (writing a notarial deed, registration with the Bulstat Register, Cadastral and Tax Service) - 700 BGN
The declaration in the service of electric distribution, water supply and sewerage - 200 BGN, of which 100 BGN remains on the account of the owner in the water supply service as a deposit.
Translation services - 100 BGN
Notary fee - (certified copy - 12 BGN, fixed fee +% of the amount over the certified material interest, they are different, see the table how to calculate) + 20% VAT of the resulting amount or multiply by 1.2

Certified Material Interest Notary Dachshund
Up to BGN 100 inclusive 30 BGN
101-1000 BGN 30+1,5% from the amount over 100 BGN
1001 - 10000 BGN 43,50+1,3% from the amount over 1000 BGN
10001 - 50000 BGN 160,50+0,8% from the amount over 10000 BGN.
50001 - 100000 BGN 480,50+0,5% from the amount over 50000 BGN
100001 - 500000 BGN 730,50+0,2% from the amount over 100000 BGN
Над 500000 BGN 1530,50+0,1% от суммы свыше 500000 BGN

IMPORTANT!!! The total amount for the conversion of property into ownership is calculated from the value of the property or tax assessment. A large amount is taken as the basis for calculating the rate. What does it mean?

    When buying a first-hand property (new building), the tax assessment in many cases is lower than the real value, approximately 30-40%. In this case, the renewal fee will depend on the amount of the purchase, which will be indicated in the notarial deed.
    When buying a secondary property, the tax assessment is not always, but in some cases exceeds the real value, in this case, the renewal fee will depend on the tax assessment. The calculation is always based on the largest of these sums. This item must be taken into account by those who are considering buying hot offers at low prices.

After receipt of the notarial deed, registration is carried out: in the Bulstat register - within 7 days after receipt of the notarial deed, in the Tax Service - within 2 months after receipt of the Bulstat, cadastre and surveying services - there is no time limit. Then a declaration is submitted to EVN - the electricity distribution service and ViK - the water supply and sewage service. Registration in these services is included in the fees section, as a fee for a lawyer who on your behalf will carry out the entire registration procedure for these services.