Cooperation with sellers of real estate in Bulgaria

Are you a property owner in Bulgaria and want to sell it? Our company will help you!

The real price that corresponds to the demand in the market at the moment is one of the basic rules that the seller must adhere to when putting up his property (house, apartment, land, etc.) for sale. The task of our company is to correctly assess your property with the possibility of a quick sale.

Our company works with foreign citizens and has advertising in Russia, Germany, Poland, Israel, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc. Foreigners who want to buy secondary real estate for a good price in Bulgaria, and not only by the sea, but also in other areas, are very a lot, they subscribe to the newsletter every day and wait for hot offers. As soon as an object suitable for their parameters appears, the discussion of the purchase begins immediately.

We are always ready to cooperate with sellers. Your real estate object will not be left without attention. Our site is in an advantageous position and attracts not only real estate sellers, but also buyers. We will help you sell an apartment in Bulgaria in record time.

We bring information about your property to a potential buyer who has decided to buy property in Bulgaria. How quickly it sells will depend only on you. The real price is a quick sale. If the price of the object corresponds to the market price, the sale will take place within 4 months.

You will definitely achieve a positive result and increase your chances by contacting our company.

If you have made a decision and are ready to entrust LEADER BG to sell your apartment or house in Bulgaria, write to us. An employee of the company will discuss with you all questions regarding the terms of sale, help you in real estate appraisal.

When contacting the company, complete information about your property is required. In the letter, the Seller must provide a copy of the title deed, a description of the property, the selling price, if there are pictures, his contact details, as well as the contact details of the person who will provide access for inspections. Company data for providing access through the management company. "LiderBG - Lider of Bulgaria" OOD, management address: city of Varna, region of Varna, community of Varna, district of Primorski, st. "Kesten" No. 14, office 2, EIC 202391101.
Since 2016, some complexes, such as FORT NOX, CASCADAS, HARMONY SUITES, etc., do not provide access to the complex without a notarized power of attorney from the owner, so we strongly recommend that you clarify these points with the management companies of your complexes before putting up real estate for sale.

Cooperation with construction companies and individual developers is carried out according to the standard scheme that is practiced to this day in Bulgaria.