Healing bush adorns the landscape in winter in the Botanical Garden of Balchik


A healing bush adorns the landscape in winter at the University Botanical Garden in Balchik, according to the park. The evergreen Zanthoxylum originates from Asia and spreads from India to Japan. They say from the Botanical Garden that the seeds of the plant resemble pepper and can be chopped and used as a spice.

Traditional medicine knows that the fruits, branches and thorns of a bush are a cure for toothache. Tea can be brewed from leaves for abdominal pain, and if boiled as a paste, it makes cuts easier. According to botanists, Zanthoxylum roots are also used for internal purification, boiling and drinking water after filtration.

Resin from the healing bush, which belongs to the root family, after dilution can be used as a tonic and stimulant. Zanthoxylum fits into the landscape of the park and in other places of the university botanical garden.

Source: novini.bg/bylgariya