There are three options for facilitating the entry of foreign tourists to Bulgaria


"We are considering all possible options for simplified entry of tourists into the country. We offered three options - a vaccination certificate, a negative PCR result, or a certificate of the presence of antibodies.

By the end of the week, we expect the Ministry of Health to issue an order with clear and precise criteria for entering the Republic of Bulgaria. "

This was stated by the retired Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Tourism Maryana Nikolova in Varna.

“I am counting on the health authorities and their decision to have visits for the May holidays,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

She also explained that, given the fact that tourism is a structural sector of the country's economy, as well as the approaching summer tourist season, it was decided to make the necessary efforts to employ people in the industry who want to be vaccinated against COVID-19, timely immunization.

“I urge the industry to act actively so that vaccinations can be effectively organized,” said Minister Nikolova. She explained that for this it is necessary to provide an appropriate amount of vaccines, as well as to create a regional order for REIs to reach those interested in a relatively short time.

The minister also said that at the moment 86 thousand people employed in the tourism sector have already expressed a desire to be vaccinated.

The policy of green tourism certificate and the opening of green corridors will continue, she said, with the main structural markets and neighboring countries remaining the priority this summer.

Minister Nikolova explained that Romanian tourists have traditionally been important to the northern Black Sea coast.

“In this regard, I would like to note that various options are being considered to simplify the entry of guests, and there is an expectation that the vaccination passport will be recognized earlier than it was established by the European Commission,” she said.

The Deputy Prime Minister spoke about the latest marketing campaigns and initiatives of the Ministry of Tourism for the presentation of Bulgaria.

“We hope that this summer our compatriots will again choose resorts and places to stay on their native Black Sea coast, before going abroad. I believe that the measures taken in time will attract more people to places of residence, restaurants, spa centers both on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and in the interior regions of the country, ”the minister explained.

She also raised the issue of sea beaches and said that there are 135 lanes for lease and concession agreements.

Currently, there are 96 unguarded beaches and 3 nature tourism beaches, for which an updated order has already been issued, which is published on the institutional website of the ministry.

The most unprotected lanes are in the Burgas region. There are 49 of them, in the Varna region - 28, in the Dobrich region - 19. For the unguarded beaches, the regional governors will provide mandatory water rescue work, concluded the Minister of Tourism.