New Indoor Pool Opens in Burgas


Swimmers in the two largest coastal cities will soon receive valuable gifts.

Very soon, a new indoor 25-meter pool will open its doors in Varna, and a pool in Burgas will be commissioned in winter.

Pools will be designed not only for swimmers, but also for synchronized swimming, and for water polo.

Three years ago, the first Dolphin indoor pool was opened in Varna, built with the money of the city budget. The National Sports Base EAD has overhauled another 25-meter indoor pool in the Sportpalass sports complex, which is now ideally suited not only for training, but also for competitions.

In addition, Varna has an excellent outdoor pool "Seaside". It combines a 50-meter swimming pool and a pool for synchronized swimmers, diving and water polo games.

Primorsky belongs to the city and is on its balance sheet, nevertheless, money was allocated for a new indoor pool, which was built next to Primorsky.

 In winter, a new 25-meter pool in the Mathematical Gymnasium will be opened in Burgas. It will have sufficient depth and width for playing water polo. A sports complex has also been built in the city with the participation of the Bulgarian Wrestling Federation, which includes an outdoor 50-meter pool and an indoor 25-meter pool. In addition, in 2010, the 50-meter Flora pool began to operate in the Sea Garden.

Among the major cities, the most difficult situation is in Plovdiv, which has a single 25-meter indoor pool. The city plans to build a second rowing canal.