Оптимистический прогноз на рынке занятости в Болгарии


The economic situation both in the world and in Bulgaria in particular remains unstable.

The labor market is constantly changing. Many European countries have noted a decline in offers among employers, but many, including Bulgaria, forecast employment growth in the next quarter.

According to a study conducted by Manpower in Bulgaria, it became clear that a moderate increase in employment is expected in the coming quarter. The reason for this is the optimistic development of the labor market in three of the five regions. The positive situation is in Varna (+ 5%), Plovdiv (+ 12%) and Sofia (+ 8%) and negative in Burgas (-10%) and Ruse (-3%).

The highest rate of employment growth is expected in Plovdiv, where there is a constant demand for labor.

Currently, several companies in the light and processing industries are starting work in the Plovdiv region, where both working personnel and middle managers are required.

Plovdiv attracts more and more investors, especially in the industrial sector. Tourism is also developing, which, unlike Varna and Burgas, is year-round.

Sofia remains the center of the labor market.

Foreign investors invest in the development of services and in retail. New jobs are opening up in the Decathlon and Bill chain stores.

In addition, many companies organize internships and training for young people under 29 years of age, who subsequently receive permanent work. The reason for optimism in the initiative of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy "Career Start", which gives young people the opportunity to work for at least nine months.

Good forecasts for Varna.

Compared to the previous quarter, employment has now decreased slightly, due to the end of the summer season.

But the forecast for the next quarter is positive. Unemployment in the region has declined. In July, about 1,120 people got jobs through the Employment Bureau. 792 people got a permanent job. The most sought-after specialists are teachers and nurses.

Burgas falls into a "winter dream".

It is difficult to find work in any sector, compared with the same period of the previous year, the situation has deteriorated somewhat.

Rousse also receives insufficient investment.

The pessimistic forecast in Ruse is mainly connected with problems at the locomotive factory.

The most demanded throughout Bulgaria are managers of the banking sector, light and processing industries, employees who speak several foreign languages, seamstresses and finance specialists. In Plovdiv, personnel in the service sector are in demand, in Sofia retailers are required. In Varna, school teachers and nurses are most needed.