The municipality of Varna remains the second most populous country


The municipality of Varna continues to be the second most populous country. This conclusion was reached after analyzing the annual base in the fourth quarter of last year. This was announced by the director of the Territorial Statistical Bureau of Varna - Diyan Slavov on the air of Radio Focus. He noted that we owe the second place to the fact that the Plovdiv community, with which Varna conducts a kind of demographic competition, as an administrative unit is limited by the city, while the Varna community consists of several large villages. “The population is estimated based on data from the GRAO, so the calculation can only be done once every 10 years,” Diyan Slavov specified. He also emphasized that during the year the number of people employed in the service sector increased by about 1%, the number of people employed in the industrial field decreased minimally, and the number of people employed in the agricultural sector remained at the same level as in 2012. “The country's economy is developing most strongly in the service sector, and the data presented confirm this,” said Slavov. He also added that the structure of employment at the national level is also reflected in the structure of employment in the Varna region. "The largest number of people employed in the service sector is over 60%, followed by those employed in industry - over 30% and the parade is occupied by agriculture and forestry, which are about 5%," said Diyan Slavov.