New ski resort in Bulgaria


Capital Daily writes that a new ski resort may appear in Bulgaria. It is assumed that it will be built between the village of Govedartsy and the town of Sapareva Banya. Investors are several Bulgarian companies, including Markan construction company and foreign companies PGI Management, an international operator of ski resorts, Accor Group, a French hotel and restaurant chains operator, Schneider Electric, a French engineering company, Cluster Montagne ”- uniting French investors in ski tourism.

The project is currently under development, its cost is estimated at 550 million euros. It is planned to make the resort a zone without cars, to build many entertainment centers and 155 km of ski slopes.

It is estimated that the resort will be year-round and is designed for 200,000 tourists a year. Now about 350,000 people a year rest in all the mountain resorts in Bulgaria.