Mariana Nikolova: We will not close the border with Turkey, we could require at most a PCR test


The winter tourist season will rely heavily on Turkish tourists. In the worst case, we would require a negative PCR test for guests from Turkey, but the borders remain wide open for now. This was announced in the program "Benovska pita" on Channel 3 by Minister Mariana Nikolova, who returned from her visit to our southeastern neighbor.
A new online forum between Bulgarian and Turkish companies is planned for next week to ensure the safe stay of tourists in our winter resorts, she added.
"I am currently relying on our compatriots for domestic tourism, as they did during the summer season. Our winter resorts are ready after the order for safety measures I issued. The control will be extremely strengthened. Bansko is preparing to open from December 4 with ambitions to work until April, according to weather forecasts, "said the Minister of Tourism.
Mariana Nikolova is convinced that the government is doing well in managing the coronary crisis and said that a lot of work is being done to achieve a balance between restrictions on society and relief for businesses.