Bulgaria expects up to 10000 Russian tourists a month after June 28


"Bulgaria can expect up to 10000 visits by Russian citizens a month after Russia decides to resume flights (from 28 June) to a number of countries, including ours."

This was announced by the chairman of the Institute for Analysis and Assessment of Tourism Rumen Draganov.

He clarified that firstly, Russian citizens are expected to arrive in Bulgaria with a home on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, and then organized trips, for which there is already a readiness, and with the resumption of charter flights, it is expected that the number of visits to Russia will reach 100000 people a year.

However, this will depend on the current pandemic situation in Russia, which is complex.

In summer in our country it is still mainly Bulgarian tourists who rely on for free wellness trips around the country. However, there is an increased interest in the native Black Sea coast from tourists from countries such as the Czech Republic and Romania.

It is expected that this year 1,400000 Romanian tourists will arrive in Bulgaria. For comparison, their number in 2020. was 980,000. Expectations for another strategic market for Bulgaria - Germany - up to 600,000 visits per year, and this again depends on the development of the pandemic situation and the resumption of regular charter flights between the two countries.

According to the forecasts of the Institute for Tourism Analysis and Evaluation, the number of visitors crossing the Bulgarian border in 2021 will increase by 50 percent compared to last year. With the recovery of so-called industrial tourism under charter programs in July and very strong in August and September, the figures are expected to double from last year.

This means that this year we will be able to achieve about 8.8 million visits on an optimistic forecast, which is a significant increase over last year. According to the chairman of the Institute for Tourism Analysis and Evaluation, this would be a good strategic goal, given that we are opening green corridors with EU countries that vaccinated more of the population than our country.
Source: moreto.net