How to choose a property

Before choosing a property in Bulgaria near the sea, you need to decide on a location, and this may not be such an easy task. And all because there are many resort towns scattered along the entire Black Sea coast of the country, including - Elenite, St. Vlas, Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Ravda, Pomorie, St. St. Constantine and Elena, Byala, Obzor, Golden Sands and others.

Due to its convenient location and developed infrastructure, Golden Sands and Sunny Beach are considered one of the most popular resorts for purchasing real estate. Buying real estate in large resorts is convenient because during the season the owners of the house (apartment, apartment) can spend their holidays here, and the rest of the time - earn money by renting the house to tourists. If you are planning to purchase housing for treatment or recovery, consider the balneological resorts of Pomorie. Here you will be offered a full range of health and spa treatments.

After choosing a resort, the first aspect of choosing a property in Bulgaria is determining the purpose of the purchase. It is clear that a permanent home and a summer vacation apartment are two completely different things. But let's consider the option of choosing real estate for seasonal residence, since it is she who is in the greatest demand in the country. It should be taken into account that some of the residential complexes in Bulgaria are operated all year round, and some - only in the summer period (from May to October), and in winter they are "preserved".

What to focus on when choosing a property in Bulgaria?

In any large resort town, a potential buyer will find a huge variety of offers. Here are the main factors that will help you choose the property that is optimal in terms of value for money:

  • Location. Choose accommodation in an acceptable distance from the sea. You will have a high chance of profitably renting out real estate if you choose housing on the first line with a sea view. If you buy housing only for yourself, make sure that you can fully relax and sleep in the chosen apartment - the place should not be too noisy and should be located a little further from 24-hour entertainment venues.
  • Possibility of renting out apartments. As a rule, such a service is offered either by the developer himself or by the management company. If this is not provided, you may face some difficulties when trying to rent the apartment yourself.
  • Decoration and furniture. Most of the apartments are sold ready to move in, that is, with a fine finish and at least minimal furniture. Here you need to find a compromise between cost and quality that are acceptable to you.
  • Pool. Most new developments have swimming pools. The presence of a spacious pool is not only a plus for the home owner, but also an additional advantage when renting an apartment.

Today, most real estate companies specialize in remote transactions. Choosing and buying property in Bulgaria remotely has become a common process. Real pictures and videos, real-time online viewing, make it possible to choose a property in Bulgaria without visiting it. This service is usually used by those who have already been in Bulgaria on vacation, have looked after a place for themselves, some have even decided on the complex and know all the features, as well as the pros and cons of the objects. Turning to the LiderBG company, you will always receive reliable information and recommendations for the object you like and, of course, make the right choice.